Mediation can work for almost any divorcing couple or parents with custody conflicts. While cooperating couples may choose mediation from the outset, even families with high conflict divorces can benefit from mediation. Because litigation encourages acrimony and conflict, it’s actually the high conflict divorces that can benefit most from mediation.
Mediation Works Because:
  1. You determine the schedule and the issues. Because you set the schedule, mediation is much faster than litigation – you don’t have to rely on the court’s schedule.
  2. You control the cost, which is typically less than 1/3 of the cost of a traditional divorce case.
  3. Because you participate in each decision, the outcome is tailored to your family. When you litigate and have a judge make decisions for you, the outcome can be unpredictable, as well as impractical for your family.
  4. Agreements made in mediation have a higher degree of compliance and success than those negotiated in the courthouse, because you control the outcome.
  5. Mediation is confidential and private. You can discuss the issues that are important to you in the privacy of the mediator’s office, rather than a crowded courthouse hallway. A mediator’s files are confidential. Court files are public records that anyone can see.
  6. You can always choose to litigate if mediation is unsuccessful. It’s much more difficult to choose to mediate (but not impossible) after litigation has fueled the fire of conflict and made it more difficult for you to communicate and trust each other.
  7. For all of these reasons, mediation is less stressful for you, your children, and your family.
This site may also be very helpful:  http://www.uptoparents.org/
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